Samara McCullough Cha-Cha Lesson July 15, 2017

Stanley Chan, embrace, frame, launch, flow and roll.....magic

Cassie Frisch and Steve Velasquez Argentine Tango:

Diane Springer and Steve Velasquez International Rumba:

Karina Browne and Rilley Polley Theater Art Routine:

Butch and Mary Kotowski, Polkas Unlimited:

Suzanne Gelinas bolero

Suzanne Gelinas, currently with Always Dancin' Studio

Suzanne Gelinas and Jim Ferris are always welcome at USA Dance Chapter 2094 events.

The Second Waltz

Timmy and Joanne Pogros Argentine Tango Demo May 18, 2013

A demonstration in the Grand Ballroom of The Milan Township Hall, for guests of Sandusky Chapter 2094