This is the web site and home page of USA Dance Chapter 2094. Most of our events are held in the grand upper ballroom of Milan Township Hall in Milan, Ohio. In the summer we dance in the air-conditioned comfort of St. Peter Parish Activity Center, located in Huron, Ohio, 44839.

We are a local chapter of a non-profit national organization that encourages self-expression through ballroom dancing, socially as well as competitively.

We believe that our focus on ballroom dancing contributes to the mental and physical aspects of well-being....... in short, it's good for your body, heart, mind and spirit!
Our mission is to improve the quality and quantity of ballroom dancing in the United States, by making dance happen locally.*

Next dance is March 17, 2018, in Milan Ohio in the grand upper ballroom of Milan Township Hall, on the square in Milan, Ohio 44846.

Doors open at 6:30 pm.

Start the evening with a tasty potluck of light snacks and refreshments (provided.) A complimentary Saint Patrick;s Day dance class with the talented Irene Rehberg starts at 7:00pm.... followed by social mixers, demonstrations and open dancing until 10pm.

DJ's Tom and Linda will entertain with a variety of recorded ballroom, Latin and swing. All levels of dancers are welcome......from seasoned dancers to those new to social dancing.

Photos and videos at

Tom will try to play your favorites if you give him your CD or flash drive and requested tracks early in the evening at the DJ table. Write the name of the selection and the track number plus your name so that the desired selection can be located and played and the source returned to you. He will try to work your request into his playlist during the evening.

New chapter board members were installed at the December dance and are managing the chapter.

The 2018-2019 board consists of

Ann Duez
Doyt Echelberger, vice president
Lois Echelberger, acting secretary
Rosalie Kaman
Mimi Krempa
Roger Krempa
Duane Mills, president & acting treasurer
Virginia Tansey

For more information or questions, check the CALENDAR of dances, use the CONTACT page to email an officer, or call our chapter president (Duane Mills) 419-929-1114.

In case it is necessary to cancel or change the date or location of an event, because of some critical issue, the splash image on the home page will announce the details. Notice will also be sent to the email list, and a notice displayed on the chapter Facebook page.

Chapter 2094's main activity is providing social dancing opportunities locally. This link opens our Facebook page:

The following link opens the USA Dance national web page related to social dancing.

On the National Website, click on the MEMBERSHIP menu to download and print a membership application, to start a new membership or renew an existing one. Or call Duane and he will bring you a form and help you fill it out! 419-929-1114

*USA DANCE chapters create dance opportunities locally by organizing affordable social dances, dance lessons, exhibitions and workshops. Chapter members often present dance education and live demonstrations at senior centers, nursing/retirement homes, schools, shopping malls, and other public places, while striving to educate the public regarding the health and social benefits of ballroom dancing. The goal of each chapter is to serve the national mission on a grassroots level, as a leader and motivator for ballroom dance activities in the community, colleges and schools.